Lest We Forget the Vultures

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Author: Clare Nasir

The value of nature and why we don’t appreciate it until it’s (almost) too late.

Why Biodiversity Loss Matters

44 trillion US dollars of economic value generated each year is moderately or highly dependent on nature. This is more than 50 percent of global GDP.

Biodiversity, put simply, is “the variety of life on earth” . Without it, nature cannot provide the goods and services that are worth trillions. It is indispensable for food security, disease prevention, clean water provision and so much more.

Yet biodiversity is experiencing a precipitous decline. One million species are threatened with extinction.

As a result, World Economic Forum ranks biodiversity losses the third most impactful risk facing the global economy, and the fourth most likely to occur

Old World Vultures (includes white-backed) on the Red List are the most threatened amongst raptors

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