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I’m Riccardo, an entrepreneur and I feel it is my destiny to work to protect and restore our living planet through something that we call ‘conscious investment’. 

Our mission with at ReGen Future Capital is to redefine the relationship between profitable investment, environmental development and the regeneration of ecoystemsl. I describe this as: conscious investment for structural change.

 We are totally re-thinking ‘business-as-usual’ and reconnecting humanity with nature to restore our critical natural ecosystems at scale.

Before founding ReGen Future Capital in 2019, for two decades I launched, developed and sold successful multinational environmental businesses, across wind, solar and water treatment.

One of these was Amplio Group which I founded in 2001. During these Amplio years, I also became truly conscious and my life’s mission started to become clear. Between 2001 and 2018 I built and sold a portfolio of Amplio businesses, creating a financial foundation for the next level.  What is the next level? We have now taken Amplio up to the next stage of evolution, with the creation of ReGen Future Capital.


What do you do at ReGen Future Capital? 

As the founder of ReGen Future Capital. I lead on delivering our vision to scale conscious investment for structural change.   It is my mission and vision direct ReGen Future Capital’s overall strategy – working to deliver a triple bottom line for people, planet and profit.

Echoing the cycles seen in nature, we’ve created a continuous cycle of investment, profit and reinvestment that doesn’t just benefit investors and stakeholders, but nature’s struggling ecosystems too. We call the model that we have developed a regenerative loop and it is the foundation of delivering our vision.

As the world faces a critical decade of climate action, in order to keep global temperature rise to safe levels for every living being on earth, it is my mission is to help humanity and our planet to thrive in harmony.


What is the power of ReGen Future Capital’s mission

The world faces its biggest collective challenge, but I think we can also see this as a huge  opportunity to develop solutions and restore ecosystems.

ReGen Future Capital develops investable and highly scalable climate change solutions. Our innovative investment model – the ReGen Loop – takes a portion of the profits of renewable energy assets and waste-to-clean fuel technologies to support financial initiatives focused on the regeneration of natural ecosystems.

We then maximize the multidimensional ESG return of these programmes for the benefit of all. This means environmental and social returns, as well as good financial ones returns for investors. We do this by focusing on carbon sequestration and regeneration.


Regenerative Investment Programmes

Our regenerative programmes focus on the planet’s invaluable natural capital ecosystems that not only need the most urgent support, but those that can also most effectively sequester carbon dioxide: our soils, forests and oceans.

We break this down into three focus areas: 1) soil regeneration 2) reforestation, 3) ocean ecosystem restoration. Once these programmes are up and running, we will continue to expand worldwide, delivering and supporting a portfolio of environmental projects at scale. 

By re-thinking the whole financial ecosystem, we will bring stability and profitability back to climate solutions. This is not only the biggest strength for of ReGen Future Capital, but for the entire econom, and it is fundamental to our future and the our interconnected environmental ecosystem that we depend on.

How should the investment community respond to the climate crisis?

If investors are not worried about the well-being of communities, then the economic costs of climate change related losses should be setting alarm bells ringing loudly. According to the IPCC, global warming of 1.5º C degrees is estimated to cause $54 trillion in climate damages. This rises to $69 trillion under a rise of 2º C.

That’s a huge economic hit that will impact markets, jobs, livelihoods and lives on an unprecedented scale. And that’s before we even begin to look at mass migration and the international conflicts that are predicted to follow.

Fortunately, the investment community does not have to stand by while the systems and approaches offer ever-diminishing returns and cease to function. I see a growing movement of conscious investors ready to spearhead a monumental shift in the financial markets and become part of the solution.

The more our community considers the environmental impact of its investments, the greater we can come together, celebrate innovative ideas and build the systems of the future. There is no better way to mitigate the risks of climate change than that, at the scale humanity needs.

Everyone’s motivations are different, but whether that push comes from client demand, or a deeper sense of responsibility to our planet, our communities and our families, investment firms must make that leap in order to survive the coming financial – and literal – storms – and our multidimensional ESG returns will make them feel good doing it.


Is it possible to redefine capitalism and rethink ‘business as usual’?

We are rethinking business as usual by specialising in regenerative finance. This means we are focused on investments in renewable energy, forestation, soil regeneration, ocean restoration and plastic removal. Alongside this, we’re developing innovative carbon credit programs, which complete the ReGen loop model by becoming the final connection in the infinite cycle.  

The carbon markets must succeed, because the survival of humanity depends on it. We will be following the progress of Article 6 discussions at COP26 in 2021; but even without agreement at the global climate talks, countries should move towards implementing and linking carbon markets. The returns are even greater because carbon credits help cut emissions and benefit communities around the world.

Regenerative investment and carbon credits represent natural capital being valued accurately for the first time. It is of the greatest value on earth and every day I see more investors becoming aware of this truth.


Why is it important to reconnect humanity with nature?

We believe that humanity must reconnect with the planet in order to be inspired to take action to preserve and restore our natural resources. After all, the health of our soils, trees and oceans is an intrinsic part of good human health, regardless of our temporary mental disconnect – the physical connection cannot be undone.

What excites you about regenerative investment?

What I find most exciting about regenerative investment and applying our ReGen Loop model to the creation of impactful climate solutions ,is the sheer scale and opportunity of it. I remember the first time I learned about compound interest, many many years ago. The idea that in feeding a closed system, the abundance of it can grow exponentially was extremely exciting.

I now apply this same thinking to restoring our world’s ecosystems, it’s priceless natural capital: By protecting and restoring our natural ecosystems, our soils, forests and oceans, all while sequestering carbon and generating carbon credits, we are investing in and at the same time creating an abundant future for everyone. With ReGen Future Capital we have created an open system and are open to collaborate with all investors.


How do you think the conversation on climate has changed?

I think the conversation has moved from the fringes and finally hit the mainstream. This is not only important for awareness, but it demonstrates that more and more people are waking up to the fact that the climate crisis will affect everyone.

The good news is, with stronger public support and consensus, governments, investors and businesses have the permission and support (and demands) of from the public to act, and an ever-increasing set of tools with which to do so – including our own ReGen Loop model. We are collectively in a strong place to act. Now is the time to reimagine our systems and use our human adaptability to the benefit of all.


What keeps you hopeful that we can tackle the climate emergency?

I am hopeful that the world will collaborate to tackle the climate crisis because cooperation, resilience and adaptability are in our blood. Throughout history we have come together to defeat a common enemy, and today we see what we are still capable of doing so, as we battle the tragic COVID-19 pandemic.

I believe it is an intrinsic part of human nature to protect the most vulnerable – and the vulnerable among us are not only our other fellow human beings, but also the natural ecosystems that are struggling to sustain all life on Earth, which are drowning, drying up and being polluted as a direct result of human activity. Ecosystems we rely on. There is no way that we will let the climate emergency take away everything we love. We are all deeply connected.


Finally, what do you want to contribute as an individual and a business?

If I could be remembered for one thing, it would be that I put all of my energy and entrepreneurial spirit into rethinking how business is done, profit is made and our global systems operate; reconnecting people and planet, while restoring our natural ecosystems. And that through ReGen Future Capital, and the rise of conscious investment, I can fulfil my mission of delivering climate solutions at scale, to help protect every single one of us. There could be no greater fulfilment than this.

We’re building a framework that drives global transformation and restores our world’s natural capital. Please get in touch to find out more about us, our investment loop and NGO partners


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